Are you changing your blog hosting plan enough often Are you changing your <strong>blog hosting</strong> plan enough often?<br> <br> Now there is trend everywhere for sure internet have its own trends. If you haven’t changed your blog hosting for a year have you at least looked what other are offering? One year is a long time especially nowadays and what was something one year ago now is other.<br> Probably you have planed to make money from your blog right? And you understand that your expenses must be lower than income right? Unfortunately income grows slow, however expenses can grow way faster. That’s obvious, but what at first looks obvious later seems something that you can’t figure out. <form class="at-page-break"></form> <br> At first I hope you haven’t chosen the most expensive one at first, if you had that’s a terrible mistake in your online business, unless your blog can grow into big over one a night.<br> Balancing your needs and founds is difficult and you are never sure have you made the best choice. But you should be always sure that you haven’t made the worst one. You could even call this art of balancing income and expenses.<br> You will always be able to change your hosting plan to better or even change hosting company. Companies that provide hosting says that you shouldn’t change hosting provider unless you have no other choice, actually that makes sense, changing only different plan will always be easer than finding a new hosting provider. But changing a plan often can’t be enough. So if hosting company offers you many different hosting plans this is a plus that you might use later.<br> As I told you when your blog is growing you need better and better hosting, so feeling that you have chose wrong hosting will be often. But when you have that feeling it is easy to make a wrong decision thinking that most expensive plan will solve all your problems.<br> At least half of hosting providers claim that they could offer you affordable <strong>blog hosting</strong>, depending on your needs. Thats imposable, if so whay then there is so much different <strong>hosing </strong>componies? You should save your money, at first choose something cheap, someting affordable, something not complocated. If hosting provider offers you something great, but you havent heard of it before are you sure you need it?<br> Before choosing, think what features you are really going to use. Why should you pay for things that you don‘t need. Maybe you are going to upluod only text. If so look for hosting that would fit your needs best.<br> If you aren’t sure which one is the right one and which is worst don’t rush you can live with simple one for a while. That will help you later to choose you the right one because you will see which features you have missed most.<br> Maybe later when your blog will be big you won’t need to bother so much choosing hosting because you will have enough money to pay for a plan with all features and a lot of space, but at first choosing the right blog hosting is one of the keys to success.<br> Every time you change <strong>hosting provider</strong> you might loose some of your data, but that’s something you can survive. And changing <strong>hosting provider</strong> can be useful after all. There is a strange thing that so many companies and so many people claim that they know which hosting plan is best. They might know which hosting is best for them or for most users, but be careful before taking such advice it is just a personal opinion.<br> So how often you should be changing your hosting plan, as often as fast you grow. Also remember this time is money and changing blog hosting provider is time.<br> <a style="display: inline;" href="http://hostingreviews2.typepad.com/.a/6a01348484d6a4970c0134862a1bf8970c-pi"><img style="width: 164px; height: 123px;" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a01348484d6a4970c0134862a1bf8970c image-full " alt="Hosters" title="Hosters" src="http://hostingreviews2.typepad.com/.a/6a01348484d6a4970c0134862a1bf8970c-800wi" border="0" /></a> <br> <br>
Have you ever tried host1free Have you ever tried host1free<br> <br> Usually I don’t do <strong>hosting</strong> reviews, usually I don’t tell which hosting I like. Why do I want to tell you about this <strong>hosting</strong> company? Well keep reading and I am sure you will find out.<br> First of all when you come to host1free website you choose between premium and free hosting plans. If you choose free<strong> hosting</strong> plan first thing I noticed and impressed me most was that they give you 10 gb of disc space. That’s way more then most professional blogs need. Also you don’t see any ads. They claim that only they offers free hosting with no ads and I think they are right, I haven’t heard of any other free hosting with no ads. <hr class="at-page-break"> <br> Also check host1free blog which is full of valuable tips, info about hosting, website design tips and thinks like that. They always update blog so you can check hosting news there.<br> Now if free hosting isn’t enough for you, you can choose one of premium plans. There is three premium plans Mini, Midi and Maxi. Now before I start talking about each plan’s features I am offering you to try it your self. You can try free trail of each version.<br> Mini plan offers you 25 gb disk pace. However you won’t get free domain. Only Midi and Maxi plans are offering you free domains.<br> Of course you will get free install and full support for Magento, Joomla and all Like most hosting providers host1free also has live 24/7 support, which of course is free. If you have any questions you can call or use live chat.<br> Host1free even has its forum where you can discuss about hosting, blogs design and things like that. Some countries even have special threads where you can speak in your own language, and find valuable information about host1free hosting.<br> As you already understood my opinion about host1free is really good and I think you should at least give it a try. Of course maybe later this company won’t be so great, but for now and probably for at least few next years this company will be top one. So if host1plus.com is too expensive for you choose its brother host1free.com. What can I say more you know the facts, my opinion, go and try it good luck whether you choose it whether not, as I have told you, no one knows which hosting is best for you except you.<br> You might say what at first looks great isn’t always good later. For this reason they are offering you 90 days money back guaranty. If you won’t be happy about what they are offering you will be able to get your money back. You will be able to choose form a various payment methods like CashU, PayPal, AlertPay, WebMoney and others. <a style="display: inline;" href="http://hostingreviews2.typepad.com/.a/6a01348484d6a4970c0133f355ab61970b-pi"><img class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a01348484d6a4970c0133f355ab61970b " alt="Blogs" title="Blogs" src="http://hostingreviews2.typepad.com/.a/6a01348484d6a4970c0133f355ab61970b-800wi" border="0" /></a> <br>